Saturday, August 18, 2007

Not sure about pruning skills yet..

Red and black currants pruning is a bit hairy. Here is one example.

The phacelias will bloom again

That herbal ley under the fruit trees will come to life again soon. With alyssum in flower all autumn and winter, soon the phacelia will be a mass of blue and the bees will love it. Well perhaps a month or two yet. They are still growing a lot after all the rains. The clover is dense too.

Also the borage is in flower in the vege garden. Chris' bees are still here so will enjoy them as well as the lavendar.

The first of the tomatoes are in!

Quite a job to get the soil ready in the glasshouse! But we dug in first the green crop, then later a lot of compost and worm wee.

Then I planted moneymaker, Sweet 100 in red and yellow and one called Early Girl. Five plants so far. There will be lots more

Our front door

For ages I have been dissatisfied with what is at our front door, so I dug out a huge untidy shrub and poured in some compost. Then I planted some flowers and some strawberries. In another spot I put lettuces among the flowers.

This year's citrus are doing well

Lemonades, oranges and grapefruit look good but limes seem a bit later. We have two lemon trees somewhere else. Might put some manure round them even yet.

The green veges love bokashi

Yes. The bokashi I made two months ago has now been spread around the green veges and they are thriving. The celery has a new life and the cabbages love it.

I made in on the shed floor. Pine sawdust, bran, seaweed, blood and bone, rock dust mixed together. On it pour a 3% solution of EM (effective microorganisms)with molasses. It also has an accelerator a tiny bit of ceramics EM. I keep it in a barrel with a cloth on and weights holding it down. Apparently because it has a predominance of anaerobic bacteria then putting it on veges improves the antioxidant proportions in the veges.