Monday, August 11, 2008

The big storm of late July 2008

On the last Wednesday of July we had an easterly storm here with winds of 140km per hour relentlessly for hours on end.

We lost seven firewood trees as they were vulnerable to an easterly. The prevailing wind is nor westerly. Here is a photo of Malcolm's grandson Rupert using his chainsaw to clean up the fallen trees. Um well I couldn't find it on my photos, sorry. He has been wonderful. Even fixed the satellite dish back on the roof after it had been blown off.

And we managed to get some free pallettes on which to stack and dry the firewood.

Lately I have been weeding under the citrus, under the pears, the quince and the figs. The soil is great now, with big juicy worms showing up all the time.

The lettuces on the north face of the house are thriving. I have fed them with the bokashi I made. They will get even better and so the photo will come later.