Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Herbs on hand

We seem to have most herbs, which of course have their seasons. Parsley is responding to the bokashi too. Sage is good and of course lemon balm thrives. I am never sure which thyme is which but it doesn't matter much they are all good in salands and in soups. The mint is separate of course, too invasive..

Two types of macadamias

Last year wasn't a great macadamia crop either, mostly due to the cold wet spring which seemed endless. This year Malcolm has pruned them and spent hours mulching the prunings and spreading them out underneath. He will also scatter rock dust.

It seems we have two varieties, one with pinky catkins and one with lime green catkins.

Bokashi worked on the cabbages

I made bokashi a few weeks ago, left it for eight weeks (that was hard for me!) and then put it round the cabbages and celery and kale. Well everything has flourished, especially after a recent rain. The savoy cabbages are hearting well and the celery looks like celery. Last year it was hopeless'

Uncle Joe plum looks promising

Our best plum tree looks really good this year. Last year the crop was quite light due probably to losing a big branch the year before from overloading. The two early plums have also flowered beautifully.