Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nashi pears

Well the birds or the rats got quite a few of them despite the fact that we covered them with the nets. Two days ago there were these wonderful nashis waiting to be picked. Today only two were left and one had lost half. The one last one was utterly marvellous.

Pumpkins galore

Here they are again. No idea what variety they are, probably a seed of one which was tasty. The fruiterer shop in Otaki sells wonderful pumpkins.

Don't know why I have got fennel going to seed. Presumably I grew them to draw minerals from deep down. Anyway they have wonderful flowers attracting insects!

Silver beet, a few apples, cabbbage too

Today's harvest

Yes a big leek, a few tomatoes, lots and lots of beans, one corn not visible, and some carrots.

Pumpkin everywhere

It seems to have taken over most of the garden. And you can see there are some good ones there too. At the front is a newly planted set of rocket plants, haven't had any for a while. Actually we haven't got any kale at the moment. My idea of growing cabbages, cauli and broccoli is to plant them then watch the white butterflies demolish them, then pull them out! But today I planted some, then sprayed them with dipel the approved organic spray. Have got more ready to use in two weeks time too, which is an advance for me. And the bees are having a party in the borage and the flowers of the korean mint. I can't bear to prune it back.

Tomatoes have been abundant for a long time now

Great tomatoes this year again. No disease. The trick was to grow mustard there in the winter and it sterilised the soil. Also have used a lot of comfrey water and seaweed juice or worm juice, just whatever I have at the time. Two varieties mainly were Sweet 100 and Moneymaker, though somewhere are a couple of heritage tomatoes I got from Koanga gardens.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kumeras amongst the pumpkin

We extended the vege garden in winter so that we could grow kumeras, which we really love. Lots of digging out stones and transporting compost and topsoil, and at last there is some hot weather to grow them. They are thriving, especially when they are watered daily. Some are growing well under the pumpkin.