Monday, February 19, 2007

Jan and Dave cover nashi pears

Jan and Dave come from Wisconsin and were with us for four or five days. We had many interesting political discussions with them.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dagmar and Paul come from Scotland

Our first wwoofers of 2007 were from Inverness, though Dagmar is German. They did some great work.

Stephanie cleans out our pantry

Stephanie, a wwwoofer from France who has been living in Melbourne, cleans out our pantry on a wet day. What a job!

Phacelia attracts beneficial insects

Yes we have had such pleasure from watching the various bees and hoverflies in the blue flowers of the phacelia in the herbal ley.

The friend who has his beehives on our property says they are making lots of honey. Borage coming out next all over the place.

Here is Malcolm tidying up after tree pruning

It seems an age since I have posted a photo but here goes now. Malcolm has put in many hours trimming and getting rid of unwanted branches and of course we have a lot of new good material from our mulcher now. His grandson Willie Dacker came the other day and helped him put it through the shredder.