Friday, October 27, 2006

And here he is doing it

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Actually it was a fun job. We were very glad of good gloves.

Jan the wwoofer mixes manure and clay for apples

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I guess more than one person has suggested that to deal with the lichen on the trunks of our apple trees we scrub them down with a wire brush and then plaster them with clay and cow manure. Here is Jan the young German wwoofer doing this awful job. He reckons he has had three smells in three days. The first was the fish waste on the compost heap and the second was this. The third was today when he sprayed the foliage of fruit trees with Organic 100 which is a mixture of fish waste and seaweed. He had to wash his clothes afterwards. We also ruined the wire brush with this job but here is hoping the apples are better.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tomatoes in glasshouse in late September

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Well this year we have a bit of whitefly and I have sprayed with oil and detergent and water and put up yellow stickies and planted a pyrethrum plant.

I must say it going to be challenge to get the watering system up and running again because Malcolm ran over the hose late this afternoon.

These tomatoes are a mixture of Russian red, Waimana, and some cherry tomatoes. I grew mustard over the winter and Richard dug it in, then I added more of everything I could find to nourish the soil.

Some pumpkins sprung up too...I transplanted them or gave them away.

Walnuts in spring

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Although the Dutch walnut finally packed up and died, the others are fine and you can see the knots that will develop into leaves or flowers. Wait and see.

This is the first chestnut to be in full leaf

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Out the front patch the chestnuts and walnuts are in various stage of leaf and this one gets lots of sun so wins the race. The grass needs mowing again and this was only taken a couple of days ago.

I think this is an elder

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Time will tell I suppose but this seems to be an elder and we will later pick the elderflower and make cordial out of it.

The springtime is a great time to identify trees. We have now found the mulberries and I am told we have to get a net over these which will be a mission as they are high. The Turks down the road that wanted to buy our place wanted the mulberries. There are another two small ones near the carobs too.

Cherry blossom

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Our one cherry looks really good but we will have to be careful with the pear slug and to get the net on in time.