Thursday, April 05, 2007

Great weather in autumn and lots of apples

Sorry for no photo this time, my iphoto doesn't want to export at the moment. The heritage apples have been simply wonderful this season after a year off last year. We love peasgood nonsuch, Jacques Lebel, Egremont russet, lobo, Captain Kidd, nonnettit bastard.

Figs just started two days ago and it takes a while to pick them using a ladder and put the nets back. Then we usually give some away while they are good. People just love them. The late fig doesn't look too promising this year after the dreadful spring we had. It affected so many things – the macadamias, hazelnuts, walnuts for a start.

We had wonderful tomatoes in the glasshouse, didn't grow any inside. Grew parsley and basil with them to enhance the flavour.

Grapes were useless almost, seems hard to convert them to organic..

We have about eight big pumpkins nearly ready. Chestnuts coming very soon.

Now it is September and this property is for sale as we are getting older